Kultivar Prague 2007
Opening PUF Pula 2006
Oerol Spectacle 2005
Hong Kong 2004
60 Degrees 2002/03
Planetarium 2000/01
W.E.G. 1999
De Vertraging 1998
The Tower 1997
The Pancake Factory 1996
Een Kaar Onder de Brug 1995



Tel. ++ 31 (0) 626 34 85 09

Stichting De Overlevering
p/a ADM Havens-west
Hornweg 6
1045 AR Amsterdam, NL


Core members:

Peter J Charlton
Jochum Hartz
Miranda Kolvoort
Bart Sabel
Milou Veling



Silo are now back in Europe, after collaborating with Fat Bird Theater in Shenzhen, China. The show was called Floating Lives and was part of the Hong Kong/Shenzhen Architectural Biennale 2007.

BLOG: the process was documented here.

3 short pieces were made especially for Robodock Festival 2007 at the NDSM, Amsterdam.

Silo Theater, together with Czech artists created a site specific performance for the 4 Days in Motion festival 2007 in Prague CZ. 'Kultivar' played at the Agricultural Museum, Letna. Photo Gallery

The opening show of the 2006 PUF International Theatre Fesival in Pula, Croatia. 'Hotel' - A site specific performance devised and performed by Silo in collaboration with members of Dr. Inat group from Pula. Gallery

Silo Theater - PUF 2006

Silo Theater participated in the 2005 Oerol Festival. Putting on the finale performance of the festival in collaboration with the Dutch theatre group Tuig. Photo gallery

Silo Theater/Tuig - Oerol 2005

In November 2004 Silo Theater and local students produced site specific performances at Shek Kip Mei, Hong Kong. Photo gallery

Silo Theater in Hong Kong 2004
2002 Silo Theater created '60 Degrees' playing the premier at Oerol Festival, and continuing on to the Parade Festival in Den Haag and Amsterdam, Robodock Rotterdam and Macau Fringe Festival, China.
In 2003 they developed the show further, touring through 5 countries. More info.
60 degrees

PLANETarium SILO was made in 2000 and further improved upon in 2001.
Going on to win prizes at the World Puppet Festival in Prague, CZ and PUF Festival, Croatia. More info.

In 1999 Silo Theater concentrated on a site specific performance for Terchellings Oerol Festival. Taking in 3 square kilometers of forest, dunes and beach. Many installations were placed along a devised pathway, using the theme of illusion as a creative springboard. More info.

'De Toren' or 'Torentijd' ('The Tower' or 'Towertime') was created from donated materials (wooden poles and fabric) in 1997 and played at the Parade Festival in Amsterdam. The year after Silo successfully gained a grant to improve the structure and tour with it, re-naming it 'De Vertraging' (The Deceleration). More info.
the tower

'De Pannenkoekfabriek' (The Pancake Factory) was the title of the 1996 piece that played the Parade Festival - Amsterdam and Utrecht. A large pyramidical structure that blurred the lines between a ship, an insane asylum, and a factory whose purpose was to manufacture one solitary pancake. More info.
pancake factory

In 1995 Silo Theater performed thier first show at The Parade Festival in Martin Luther King Park, Amsterdam. 'Een Kaar Onder de Utrechtse Brug' ('A Shaft Under The Bridge To Utrecht') was a continuous performance comprising of objects, movement, film, soundscapes and a rotating carousel from which the public viewed small installations ('kijkdozen') and live action. More info.
Een Kaar Onder De Utrechtse Brug