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Opening PUF Pula 2006
Oerol Spectacle 2005
Hong Kong 2004
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Planetarium 2000/01
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De Vertraging 1998
The Tower 1997
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Tel. ++ 31 (0) 626 34 85 09

Stichting De Overlevering
p/a ADM Havens-west
Hornweg 6
1045 AR Amsterdam, NL


Core members:

Peter J Charlton
Jochum Hartz
Miranda Kolvoort
Bart Sabel
Milou Veling


Torentijd 1997 /
De Vertraging 1998
(Towertime / The Deceleration)

Silo Theater, honored with a subsidy to enable them to explore further the possibilities of the 1997 show 'Towertime', worked to make the tower ready for an extensive tour of Dutch festivals. New scenes were added, and the tower was re-made with a sturdier construction, easier to transport and set up.'The Deceleration' premiered at the Silo's homeground of the ADM terrain in may, and went on to play Terschelling's Oerol Festival, De Parade (Den Haag, Amsterdam), and Noorderzon (Groningen).It has since played in Amsterdam at the Westergasfabriek, and the RAI as an indoor event.

Here's an extract from a review which was published in Oerol's Morgenstar paper...

'...We lay on our backs in concentric circles. Looking above us into a long cone of material, a sort of inner tent that goes to the top of the tower, the top of the tower is open, so you can see the sky, in the middle of the opening there hangs a disk.
The bottom of the material makes me think of an air balloon, maybe also because of the sound surrounding us, the sound of burners. The material descends around us. It feels as if we ourselves are ascending. We are going on a journey. I don't know where to. To a fantastic place, half inside, half outside ourselves.
The sky above us changes into a red pulsing eye, and then into a sun, and then suddenly we find ourselves at the bottom of a well, or we look down into a well at the reflection of the sun upon rippling water ... it seems maybe strange and disperate, but I cannot describe The Deceleration in other terms.
The tower is big, but they know, with extremely subtle ways, how to awaken overwhelming, poetic, and at times nearly LSD-like visions.'


The audience lying on their backs, looking up the tower, ready for Towertime to begin.