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Tel. ++ 31 (0) 626 34 85 09

Stichting De Overlevering
p/a ADM Havens-west
Hornweg 6
1045 AR Amsterdam, NL


Core members:

Peter J Charlton
Jochum Hartz
Miranda Kolvoort
Bart Sabel
Milou Veling


Oerol Experiments 1999

In 1999, after four consecutive years of playing the Parade festival the Silo Theater decided to concentrate their energy on Terschellings Oerol. It was decided that a departure was needed from the previous years of installation as theater and explore the possibilities that Terschellings varied landscape had to offer. An ambitious experimental project was undertaken that spanned a terrain of approximately 3 square kilometers, that included wood, dunes and beach.

The public was allowed to follow a route, starting in the woods, that would reveal secrets and illusions, scenes which constantly raised questions, and in the style of the Silo Theater disparate images that asked the public to fathom their own story during their journey.


There were revolving light towers that lit the night landscape in swathes, a boxing ring in which two movers explored their physicality, a 4 meter wide windmill upon which was projected film footage from opposite sides, a steam powered UFO apparently crashed in the dunes, a supermarket buried beneath the sand, 18 speakers hung in the trees (one of five sound installations), a ghostly playground, and on the beach a network of reflectors marked out lines of perspective illusion that could appear and disappear in the night, not to mention a mysteriously stranded but working telephone cell on wheels.