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Stichting De Overlevering
p/a ADM Havens-west
Hornweg 6
1045 AR Amsterdam, NL


Core members:

Peter J Charlton
Jochum Hartz
Miranda Kolvoort
Bart Sabel
Milou Veling


De Pannenkoek Fabriek 1996
(The Pancake Factory)



An absurd tale of the six inhabitants of a huge pancake factory, whose daily life revolves around the process of making the factory produce one pancake.

The Public walks through a maze lined with potato sacks to enter the factory. Speakers blare pankake propaganda in a strange oriental tongue.


The public has to cross the drawbridge, walking under the mad captain, above him the fire juggling woman who will later lay the egg to make the pancake. Captive in the strange world of the workers, they observe the bizarre ritualistic process unfold, not always without a comic hitch or two. The pancake travels a long way from egg to pan, and is finally eaten by a member of the public, after having been sugar-powdered during a sadistically induced ride on the lap of the factory idiot, tied to a motorized metal chair on rails.


De Pannenkoek fabriek toured with De Parade festival during the summer of 1996 (Den Haag, Utrecht, & Amsterdam), comparisons between the Silo Theater and the respected Dutch group Dogtroep were drawn by many.