Kultivar Prague 2007
Opening PUF Pula 2006
Oerol Spectacle 2005
Hong Kong 2004
60 Degrees 2002/03
Planetarium 2000/01
W.E.G. 1999
De Vertraging 1998
The Tower 1997
The Pancake Factory 1996
Een Kaar Onder de Brug 1995



Tel. ++ 31 (0) 626 34 85 09

Stichting De Overlevering
p/a ADM Havens-west
Hornweg 6
1045 AR Amsterdam, NL


Core members:

Peter J Charlton
Jochum Hartz
Miranda Kolvoort
Bart Sabel
Milou Veling


De Kaar Onder De Brug 1995
(The Shaft Under The Bridge)

This was the Silo Theater's first production for the Parade festival. Projections, movement artists, bones, iron ladders and other objects were combined in an ongoing performance in which the public (2000 people over 17 days) sat in a carrousel and viewed 'kijk doosjes' (small boxes with objects and scenes) before being presented with a horizontal view of the shaft of a grain silo, inspired by the then home of the group and founding place, De Graan Silo, Amsterdam.